Web Development Services

Although technology is rapidly making it simpler to create new websites from scratch, developing custom websites that function smoothly is not as easy as it may seem. A good web developer knows that there are a lot of little pieces that must come together to build a quality website and it takes time to bring all of these elements together. 

Here at Green Dingle, we bring the following experience to help create your application quickly:

Image Manipulation

We develop logos, background images, graphical advertisements etc. whatever is necessary to get your site looking professional.  (The image above is an example of our work.)

Content Layout Manipulation

We know CSS and how to get your content looking and feeling the way you want it to on any size screen.  (Basically everything you see here…)

Server Configuration

ServerWhether you decide to serve your site from your basement or you would prefer to let another third party maintain your hardware at a fraction of the cost, we can make recommendations and help get you set up on any hardware. 

Plugin Manipulation and Customization

Why reinvent the wheel? We think making use of the myriad of excellent plugins available is a great solution to help you keep your development costs down. 

Common plugins include things like contact forms, anti-spam and login tools, marketplace platforms, reservation system platforms, and many many more.

Many of these platforms are free, some may have a small cost associated. Our general philosophy is to avoid plugins that charge fees unless we recognize significant savings will be had; or unless our customers express that they would prefer to pay extra for some special features.  Much like a car, sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more for a particular feature or luxury. 

In some cases, we can start with an available plugin and then tweak the code to make it do what you want…

Programming Skills

When a good plugin can’t be found to accomplish a particular task, our programming skills come into play.  

There are many languages that come into play in web development. Often the servers will interpret primarily PHP, a high level logical language, which typically is used to generate the HTML that is served to a browser. These servers also often have the capability of processing Python, Perl, Ruby, C++, and other programming languages as well, but often these are used for special purposes. The HTML scripts contain the content  of the page in a hierarchical form and also include references to images, other programs that run when you click or hover on something, and CSS scripts that contain the styling and formatting information that tells your browser how to make your website look the way you want it to. Java Script is the logical language that your browser can interpret, and so generally this contains the actions for what should happen when you click on something.  It is worth noting however that CSS has improved a lot in recent years and has incorporated many new functions that essentially replace many of the common functions that used to be necessary with Java Script. 

Database access is another story altogether. Typically, databases are used to store user data because they are designed to retrieve particular data from a file that could be essentially an infinite size. SQL databses are most commonly used for websites because of their simplicity and widespread accessibility by various programming languages. Other databases are available that may be significantly faster for particular applications, but we wont get into that here. 

Here at Green Dingle, we are experienced with programming in many different languages. We understand how they all play together and what we have to do to get the particular functionality you will need for your website. With Green Dingle, you can rest assured you are getting great quality and value with the services we provide.