DIY with Lessons and Guidance

Want to do most of the design work yourself? Why not let us help guide you through the process. We’ll schedule meetings, as often as necessary, to help you achieve your goals. General expectations are that we will help teach you how to do the following, in roughly these steps: 

1. Server Setup and Familiarization

ServerGet help and consultation in getting set up on one of the best servers around. Let us give you an introduction to the management system so that you become familiar with the system, and then get to work quickly adding new pages and content. You will always get to maintain complete control of all your work.

2. Logo and Image Manipulation

Get a lesson for how to create a logo with an image manipulation program, then repeat what you learned to make other modified images for your site. Get more help when questions arise.

3. Plugin Basics

Learn what plugins you should have as a minimum to protect yourself against spam and login hack attacks. Learn what other plugins may be useful in your situation, and then Install and set them up on your own.

4. Layout and CSS Lessons

Learn how to manipulate the content, the layouts, the backgrounds, and the borders of a basic page, then apply what you have learned to create other pages.

Admittedly, there is a lot to learn about CSS, however our first lesson should be enough to get you started with adding some style to your website. We’ll discuss other CSS tips and tricks in subsequent meetings as necessary until your particular website is brought to life.

5. CSS Buttons and Hover Effects

Learn about menu buttons and some special hover effects, then spend the time on your own perfecting the details of what you have learned so that the buttons and menus look and perform as you wish.

Example that we'll discuss...
6. Custom Topics

If there other topics along the way that may be unique to your site, or there is something else you would like to learn about, like setting up a more advanced environment for testing code prior to publishing, or setting up a marketplace, or perhaps you would just like to know more about databases or programming languages, whatever it is, you decide the topic and we will accommodate.

Extra Help

If at any time you get stuck with anything, we will be there to help. Our job will be to make sure you succeed. 

If at any time you would like to outsource to us, any part of developing your site, or if at any time the whole thing seems too overwhelming and you decide you just don’t have time to finish it yourself, we will be happy to take over for you at our lower cost Developer rate. Our prices are very reasonable, and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Some more complex sites may require specialized customization of the underlying code, or may require all new code. Those custom functions that require logical programming in PHP, Python, Perl, or Java Script for example will not be taught unless a lesson is specially requested in advance. We will be glad to help get those sections completed for you in the event that you encounter one of those scenarios in your design.

How To's and Other References

You may be able to find some other useful references here.

How to create a Tabbed Container:

Tabbed Containers

Some useful PHP functions for handling (non-associative) ARRAYS.

Think Venn diagrams…

na_ARRAY functions

How to create/automate a new WordPress post using PHP

Automated Post Ex.