Computer Repair

An old computer can have all sorts of problems, but often it can be fixed or re-purposed for a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new one. 

We can’t fix every problem, but we can certainly take a look and offer an estimate for what we would expect needs to be done and how much it should cost to make those repairs. We’ll do the work of ordering the right parts, of carefully replacing parts or software, and of testing our repairs so you don’t have to. Saving your time is our value. If it would be less expensive to buy a whole new computer, we’ll let you know in advance so you’re not wasting your hard earned money.

Currently, we only work on PC’s and Laptops, NOT phones, although in some circumstances, we can provide references to people who do.

Services that we commonly perform include:

  • Fixing broken screens
  • Fixing broken power jacks and motherboards,
  • Upgrading or adding more memory to slower computers (modern browsers require more fast memory in order to operate smoothly).
  • Resetting computers back to their factory installations. (We generally wont spend too much time trying to remove malware otherwise.)
  • Re-installing or Installing new or additional operating systems on hard drives. (Linux systems are generally free and can be a good choice in many situations.)
  • Other miscellaneous compartmentalized hardware, such as broken DVD drives, keyboards, or touchpads, can also sometimes be quickly identified and replaced as well.