About Us

The Greens at Green Dingle

Green Dingle was started by Damian Green, an Electrical Engineer who has, in the past, been exposed to many other tech related jobs in several different industries. 

After attaining years of experience programming and performing Design Automation tasks for Digital Cell Libraries groups at Integrated Chip (IC) manufacturing companies Medtronic and Intel, Damian moved on to be Chief Engineer for a small startup company that, among other things, built from the ground up, environmental data collection and monitoring systems for indoor agricultural facilities.  By the time financial hardships fell upon that company, Damian was ready to begin some business ventures of his own. 

In came Jessica Green (who was then, and still is, married to Damian).

Prior to starting any business with Damian, Jessica had been many things including a Head Chef for a gourmet restaurant, a caretaker for several para- and quadra-pelagic individuals, and a mother of two teenagers. 

Together Damian and Jessica started a number of small businesses, some successful, and some not (for reasons too long to explain here), but each of those businesses provided more and more experience and practice in rapidly building websites. Ultimately, the two have found a combination of businesses and work that has made them successful. 

Currently, Damian and Jessica Green live and work out of their home, which acts as a dual office for both of their businesses, Green Dingle Web Tech & Design, and Clarkdale RV. 

Jessica primarily helps with many of the administrative tasks while Damian generally organizes all of the technical work.

Over time, a team of partners has grown to include a number of other competent individuals who’s services may be acquired as needed.

And of course, Green Dingle is also, in part, a reflection of it’s customers in Central Arizona; their needs help shape our focus and priorities.

Damian's Actual Resume

Clowning around aside, the resume here contains a lot of boring stuff. If you really want to catch a glimpse of what Damian’s credentials are, you can browse through this… 

Last updated Jan. 2017

Damian's Resume
Jessica's Actual Resume

Jessica is one truly amazing individual and words can’t come close to being able to describe her lovely personality or achievements, but when asked to write them down, this is what she had to say about herself.

Last updated Nov. 2016 (needs updating)

Jessica's Resume

Our Work Philosophies


Some companies will try to sell you anything. They waste your time trying to up-sell you extras that you really don’t need. We won’t do that! We might offer suggestions of things that might help improve the quality of your website, but we are hard working technical people who wont waste your time; we will try to avoid bringing up unnecessary options if we know up front what sort of budget we have to work with. 

We’ll also try to stick close to planned schedules that we will establish at the beginning of each project. If unforeseen issues begin to cause that schedule to slip, we will let our clients know at our earliest recognition so decisions can be made regarding how to proceed.


Let it be known that building a good website is not as simple as many companies would like to have you believe. The reality is that if you need to represent your business in a way that goes beyond what you can demonstrate using Facebook or Google Plus, then you need a website that is going to take some real planning, design work, and probably some real technical skills to make it function as desired. 

Could you do all of it yourself? Well, possibly… If you were willing to spend the time to learn how to manipulate images and code, but we know our best value to you is that we can save you that time.

Because of that, we recognize that it does not make sense to offer our services at low and minimum wage rates. On the other hand we want to continue to generate a good amount of business by staying competitive with some of the other more economical web development companies out there. Therefore we have established a pricing system that we believe in general is lower than average, but for those prices, we strive to achieve a quality of work and a scope of capabilities that is better and broader than average.

Certainly, additional money will drive higher quality , but our philosophy is that it’s not worth it for anyone to try to go the other way.


High quality work takes time, and to some degree, you get what you pay for, but our general philosophy is that it’s worth it for us to spend a little extra time, at our expense, putting together something that is above average for our customers, because we know that in a competitive market, only the better businesses will succeed, and if our clients aren’t successful, neither are we… 


Business is business, and it is typical for any business professional to follow a code of ethics that is taught throughout college and life, but we aren’t just ordinary business folk, we are real people who go above and beyond to help others!

We know how hard it can be to start a new business. We know how hard people work, often for so little in return. We know that life throws all kinds of hardships at people and at times it can be very difficult. We especially respect those people who are struggling but remain persistent and honest, and we look for ways to offer them special help whenever we can.  

Of course we respect everyone, but this is just one little thing that we think sets us apart from a lot of typical businessmen. We care!

Who are we? We are the Greens at Green Dingle.