3D and 2D Drawings

From simple line-drawings and floor-plans, to complex 3D model drawings, we can bring your ideas to life.

3D Design

A picture says a thousand words, and 3D images can be priceless. No matter how complex your concept, we can model it. This simple image captures a design concept that culminated after months of product development.

3D Modeling and Engineering

Often modeling and engineering must occur at the same time. Let us help work out the details of your concept as part of the modeling process.

It is worthwhile to note that carefully designed plastic parts can be modeled and exported to various plastic molding and 3D printing tools.  

Rest assured, a skilled Engineer will be in charge of creating your more important drawings.

Light Shadow & Style Variations

After we have created one 3D model, we can quite easily apply a number of light, shadow, and styles to it to quickly generate a number of image variations.

Superposition of Model onto Photo

It’s called photo matching. The above image shows how a 3D model can easily be oriented on top of an actual photo simply by selecting some important points of perspective on the photo. 

Apply this concept to 3D google map images, and this makes architectural design possibilities endless.

2D Images from 3D Models

We can easily create cross sectional 2D images from 3D models to make dimensions clear and easy to read. 

Or view the cross sectional slice from a 3D perspective after hiding the front portion of the 3D image, keeping the rear portion visible.

The “Example PDF” below contains both images of a 3D model and the sorts of 2D images that can be taken from the model.

Example PDF
2D Floorplans and Line Drawings

2D Floorplans and Line Drawings can be drawn relatively quick! We can turn pencil sketches into something that looks very professional, and can include layout frames, dimensional scales, tables, and informational keys at a minimal cost.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.

Examples from Yesteryear.